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1st Annual Battle of the Badges Fundraising Competition

Join us for a unique day of competition and fun to see who has the most “fit” first responders. The competition workout mimics the movements that first responders use on a daily basis. You don't have to be a first responder to participate. When you register simply choose the profession that you would like to represent. Prizes for top finishers and other giveaways from our area sponsors. Registration is only $40.

Special thanks to our local business sponsors for making this competition possible 

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All proceeds will help The Mattie J CPR Foundation continue to provide lifesaving CPR and First Aid training for the community.

Would you like to participate in the fun but are not interested in competing? Mattie J CPR is looking for volunteers to help with the competition. Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form if you would like to become a volunteer staff member for the Battle of the Badges Competition. 

Update 02/10/2024

After thoughtful consideration with the expert coaches at CrossFit Arcane we have decided to create 2 divisions for this competition. Athlete(Rx) and First Responder(Scaled). There will be women's and men's categories for each division. The updated workouts with printable score sheets will be available soon. 

The Basic Workout

3 Rounds for Time

  • 100m Suitcase Carry (to simulate carrying gear)

  • 5 (First Responder) / 10 (Athlete) Double Kettlebell Deadlifts

  • 30 Alternating Box Step Ups (simulates climbing steps)

  • 5 Up Downs (First Responders) / 5 Burpees (Athletes)

  • 5 Cycles of Adult 30:2 CPR (must maintain compression rate and depth)

  • 5 Infant Back Slaps / 5 Infant Chest Compressions

Scoring will be based on the correct completion of the movements and the fastest time. CPR will need to be completed with correct depth of compressions and rate to be counted. There will be a CPR learning event at 09:00 for anyone that needs CPR training prior to the competition.* 

Bellow are the score sheets and movement descriptions for each division. Please print off the score sheets and familiarize yourself with the movements prior to the competition. 

Female Athlete
Male Athlete
Female 1st Responder
Male 1st Responder

* This will not be a CPR certification course.

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